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We will sincerely guide you through Ishigaki Island, a fun place to visit.

we will guide you

Omatsu Kenichi 

nicknameKen-chan Ken-ichi Uncle

BirthplaceBorn and raised in Ishigaki Island

​I've been in Ishigaki for over 50 years, and I no longer know my age.

prankI love fun things and seeing everyone's smiles.

You might suddenly get pranked on me!

His hobbies are fishing and gaming, and he has three grandchildren.


長谷川 奈美
ニックネーム なみちゃん
出身 東京 41歳 愛孫1名 

​Award-winning work: Live and endure

dog sup

Omatsu Tomomi


BirthplaceChiba Prefecture, 16 years of experience in Ishigaki

I love everything about Ishigaki so much that I became an island bride!

dolphin nailsI also do diving while running a nail shop. Of course, I will also help you with the Kenken tour.

2017 Marine Diving

Received the photo contest excellence award.

Also won a photo contest in 2018.

​Dive Master [Diving Pro License]

& Retained divers - Receives diving training every year


Birthplace Born in Ishigaki, raised in Ishigaki

A toy poodle that plays saps and swims.

Far from being a celebrity dog.

If you have a request, I will go out with you!

​Popular signboard dog! Happy to be patted down by everyone

Ishigaki Island
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