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Half-day course ¥9000
One day course ¥12000 (tax included)
Starry sky tour¥4000  


​This price per person for private reservation

We will give you a photo of your memories. Free camera rental.

Even more! ! ​That drone aerial shot

You can add it for ​+3000 yen

​Create your own PV with music

I will

Plan example


Ishigaki Island SUP
​You can play quickly before boarding the plane
blue cave

snorkel + SUP

​With snorkel, let's play with hermit crabs and clownfish

​Island sightseeing + snorkeling +


I want to know everything about Ishigaki Island. Recommended for those who want to play all day! 

​Sunset & Night Sup

​Enjoy the fantastic scenery and time.
The super moon on the 16th festival was really super 🌙._·̩͙_((( _´꒳`
Palm trees, banyan trees, and starry skies_It is said that the Kijimuna lives in banyan trees. _
Ishigaki Island Nemo

The above plan contents are just an example.planThe customer decides the content.Things I want to do and seePlease contact us if there is anything you would like.

I want to play old games on Ishigaki Island.

I want to go clam hunting

I want to see the starry sky

I want to have BBQ

Please feel free to contact us about anything..

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