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Limited to one group per day

         Anyway, it's free

​Basically, we tell our customers what they want to do and see.

Please make a request.

I want to fulfill the customer's wishes...

This is the shop we launched with that in mind.

​Please feel free to contact us.

  • starry sky tour

  • mangrove sap

  • ​Sightseeing + Snorkeling

  • ​Night Sap

  • ​Fishing + Old children's play on Ishigaki Island

  • ​I want to surprise my girlfriend, boyfriend, and family!

  • I want to take wedding photos

  • Aerial photography of lifelong memories with a drone​    (Tour fee + 3000 yen will be accepted)

  • I want to travel with someone in a wheelchair.


​Professional nurses will support you

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